The Pilot Place Team

Randall Monson Chief Pilot

Randall Monson is the Chief Pilot and has been a flight instructor for over twenty years. Randall recently retired from Delta Air Lines and has a passion for aviation and flight instruction. Randall started The Pilot Place with students and aviation enthusiast in mind to provide a friendly and professional atmosphere for all. Randall is also an Aviation Maintenance Technician and takes pride in the maintenance programs of each flight school aircraft. Randall is excited for each of you in your pursuit of your flying dream.

John Holderman CFI/CFII/MEI

John Holderman has been involved in aviation since 1994 when he obtained his private pilots license in Colorado. After graduating college, John pursued his love of flying at FlightSafety Academy, in Vero Beach, Florida where he completed the Commercial, Instrument, and Multiengine training program. He later completed the instructor training program and obtained his CFI, CFII , and MEI ratings. John had the opportunity to fly for a part 135 cargo company where he flew Cessna 210’s and  Beechcraft Baron’s. He later went on to obtain his Airline Transport Pilot rating. John is looking forward to meeting and flying with you in the near future.

Rick Hendrick CFI

Rick Hendrick had a successful career as a Law Enforcement officer from1979 to 2003. He began flying in 2001 when he received his Private Pilot’s license. He continued his pursuit of aviation and obtained his instrument rating. He then received his Commercial Pilot’s license in 2008. He has since become a flight instructor and enjoys teaching others to fly. His goal in aviation is to assist others in their aviation goals and to ensure they are as happy about aviation as he is.

Chris Young CFII

Chris Young is a Florida native who has always had a passion for aviation. Growing up he frequented the annual air show at MacDill AFB and spent the summers with grandparents up at Ft Benning Georgia where his grandfather was a tower controller. Chris completed all of his single engine training at Sarasota and multi engine at Page Field in Ft. Meyers which gives him an intimate understanding of the local airspace and coastal weather patterns. Chris has plans of joining a regional airline and continuing to be a member of the general aviation community providing instruction and flying recreationally. 

Karina Mozheyko CFII/MEI

Karina Mozheyko went into the beauty industry but soon realized that aviation was her true calling. She moved to Florida and enrolled in a career pilot program. Giving it her full attention and best effort she received her certificates up to CFI, CFII, MEI in under nine months. Now, Karina works as an instructor dedicating her knowledge and passion for aviation to future Airmen (and woman!)
Fluent in English/Russian.